Monday 08/31/15

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Turkish Get Up (5/arm)

Turkish get-up x 5/arm – athletes can break these up and load however desired, but we’re looking for 5 QUALITY reps each arm.

1. Roll to the elbow

2. Extend onto the palm

3. Bridge the hips (HIGH)

4. Slide the knee through (under the hips)

5. Bottom of the lunge

6. Stand

Mid-thigh clean (3 reps every :90-2:00 for 12:00)

A. 5:00 to build to first working load

B. Every :90-2:00 (12:00 of total work)

Clean deadlift + hang squat clean (from mid-thigh position)

Each rep should be dropped from the top.

Metcon (No Measure)

2 sets:

A. Band pull apart series x 10/each

-Pronated across the chest (straight arm)

-Supinated across the chest (straight arms)

-Pronated arms bent at 90 (elbows into the body)

-Supinated arms bent at 90 (elbows into the body)

-Pronated arms bent (band in front of the eyes)

-Supinated arms bent (band in front of the eyes)

-Pronated overhead (straight arms down behind the neck to the traps)

B. Single arm KB row x ME/arm @ 1110 (in hinged position)

*start with off arm first set, then switch for second set. As heavy as possible for the desired tempo. Goal is around 8-15 reps.

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