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Pistol squat skill play


Pistols (10-12 minutes of gymnastic skill and strength)

Spend 10-12 minutes working through the following gymnastics skills for QUALITY reps:

A. Pistol squats x 6-10 total reps

Rest 30-45 seconds

B. Pull-up work (see below)

Rest 30-45 seconds

*Notes: this is not for time, treat this work like gymnastics skill and strength work. The true way to develop skill and strength in this realm is to attain the highest movement quality possible for your ability level

Pistol squats: Choose the option that best fit your ability level based on the skill work from above.

L1: Reverse lunge

L2: Box pistol squat (3-sided box down to a 12″)

L3: Pistol squat

Pull-up work: this is a good opportunity to get some work where you need it based on your strength levels. Log your option under “performance history” and “add” in WODify

(L1) No pull-ups: Assisted + pause at top/middle/bottom of rep x ME

(L2) A few pull-ups: unassisted x ME

(L3) 5 pull-ups: unassisted x ME OR kipping skill work x quality set

(L4) Double digit pull-ups: weighted x 3-5 OR strict muscle-up work x quality set


Metcon (Time)

For time (7 minute cap):

40 push-ups

400m run

40 WBS
*Notes: Dare ya to find a progression that you can do everything UNBROKEN with…


L1: Box assisted

L2: Plate assisted

L3: Ground


L1: Wall ball thruster

*It’s recommended that you be able to safely and effectively squat to a medicine ball height with an upright torso to move onto L2

L2: Wall ball shot (wall)

*It’s recommended that you be able to consistently throw a medball to a 10/9 foot target to move onto L3

L3: Wall ball shot (target)

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!