Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class



Push Press (x 1-3)

Spend 20 minutes cycling through the following strength components:

A. Push press x 1-3

Once at a good working set (5-7/10 on difficulty scale), add in the following:

B. Pistol squats x 6-10 total reps (3-5/leg)

*Notes: Take the bar from the ground here. Start light and build your way through the 20 minutes to a handful of challenging yet quality sets. If you are in tune with your body and are feeling good, build to a heavy single for today. Otherwise, stay around the 3-rep range and work to some tough sets for the day.

Pistols (x 6-10 total)

Pistol squats: Choose the option that best fits your ability level based on the skill work we’ve practiced above and before

L1: Reverse lunge

L2: Box pistol squat (3-sided box down to a 12″)

L3: Pistol squat


Metcon (Time)

3x (9 minute cap):

200m run

12 T2B

6 Cleans (@ ending push press load)
*Notes: Simple yet effective triplet. Goal is unbroken, smooth and with a sense of urgency. The weight on the cleans will most likely be challenging to where quick singles will be the best approach. DO NOT increase loading based on prescription, only decrease if weight is too challenging for the 18 reps prescribed


Level 1: Lying leg lift (If grip strength is an issue)

Level 2: Kipping straight leg raise (varied heights, the higher the more challenging)

Level 3: Kipping T2B

Cleans: Choose an option not just based off ability but of difficulty too. L3 will be a full squat clean. If you are capable of performing this option, choose it!

L1: Muscle clean

L2: Power clean

L3: Squat clean

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!