Monday 11/28/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Back Squat (x 4-6 @ 31X1)

Cycle through for 20 minutes:

A. Back squats x 4-6 @ 31X1

B. Hamstring curls x 6-8 + SLOW negative

C. DB snatch x 2-4 alternating reps (finding working weight)

*Notes: 3 second descent, 1 second hold in the bottom, explode up and 1 second rest at the top to reset the breath and brace

Hamstring curls: focus will be on the slow negative here today. Please change reps to # of reps attained for heaviest set of squats!


Metcon (Time)

5x (12 minute cap):

10 Alternating DB snatch (70/50)

60 foot sprint

10 burpee box jumps facing box (24/20)

60 foot sprint
*Notes: choose weights and box height based on prescribed time cap. This will allow you about 2:30/round.

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