Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


Handstand Push-ups (x max quality set)

Spend 12 minutes cycling through the following gymnastics strength work:

A. HSPU x max quality set

Rest as needed

B. Pistol squats x 6-10 (3-5/leg)

Rest as needed

C. Suitcase carry x 60 feet/arm

Rest as needed

*Notes: Each effort should be an unbroken effort. As mechanics falter and fatigue settles in, do not be afraid to step back a progression or decrease rep efforts. Rest as much as needed before entering your next movement to allow for a quality effort.

HSPU: Find a challenging option that will allow you the desired rep scheme perscribed. Remember, 10 reps are necessary at the previous progression before advancing to the next one

L1: Plate press

L2: Downdog HSPU

L3: Pike HSPU (knees flexed)

L4: Pike HSPU (knees extended)

L5: HSPU (modified height with abmats)


Pistols (x 6-10)

Pistol squats:

L1: Reverse lunge

L2: Skier squat

*10 skier squats are required before advancing to L3*

L3: Pistol squat

Suitcase carry (x 60 feet/arm)

Suitcase carry: load with either DB or KB


Metcon (Calories)

Perform 2 sets with a partner:

Partner 1: Max AB calories @ sustainable yet uncomfortable RPM

Partner 2:

10 one-arm KBS

10 one-arm KB front squats

10 one-arm KB S2OH
*Notes: perform all 30 reps on one arm before switching to the other arm on the following round. Once partner 2 has performed all 30 reps on each arm, partners will switch. That is 1 set

One-arm KB weight: Choose a weight that will allow you to complete all 30 reps in a row per arm

L2: 45/25

Accessory Work

Complete with as minimal breaks as possible:

Push-up plank x 2 minutes

*Notes: drop to the elbow to decrease difficulty here

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!