Thursday 08/13/15

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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(No Measure)


A. Bar dips x ME (no more than 15)

B. Bent Knee Hollow rocks x 20-30

C. Arch hold x :20-:30

Metcon (No Measure)

15:00 clock

Teams of 4:

2 people perform: Behemoth lap partner Keg (1) carry + kettelbell + dumbell (both kettlebell and dumbell can be as heavy as athletes desire, but goal is unbroken on the lap)

2 people complete the ladder of 2,4,6,8,10 and so on as long as possible of

-Slam balls (if the athlete desires to go beyond 50, have it be medball over shoulder)

-calories on assault bike

When partners return from carry, they swtich and continue to do so until the 15:00 is accomplished

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