Thursday 11/12/15

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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• Floor Joint Mob – focused hip/ankle

• Core Warm Up 2x thru

– 10x Inch Worms

– 10x PVC For/rev pass

– :30 sec Deadbug Hold


15 Minutes to complete 3-4 rds

• 10 Deck Squats

• :40 secs Max KBS

• :30 sec Band Tricep/arm


A: Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

In teams of 2

3:30 min AMRAP

Partner 1 & 2

– Behemoth Lap Buy in

Then Max Odd object to shoulders

:90 sec rest

3:30 Min AMRAP

– 60 Wallballs buy in

Then Max Airdyne Cals

:90 sec rest

X 2 (20:00 mins)
Partners will perform buy in (both run/split 80 WBs however) – Groups can start at either station for equipment limitations. Score max reps each round (4 scores).


Both partners will run together and the perform max ground to shoulder in remaining time.

Beg: slamball

Int: Bulgarian Bags

Adv: Kegs


Perform 80 WBs as a team (only one working at a time), then max airdyne cals in remaining time.

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