Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Warm-up (No Measure)

2-3 rounds of:

– 10-15 Ring rows

– 20-40x Hollow Rocks

– 2-3 SB Cleans (prep for workout)

Metcon (Time)

Individual or teams of 2:

4 rounds or 20 min AMRAP

– 2x 50 Mtr Heavy tire or sled sprint

– 10 alt. partner SB Cleans

– 30 KBS

– 2x 120′ SB carry
Individuals do 1/2 the work written. Partner’s try to split up rounds as evenly as possible. Goal is to get challenging with SB (slamball or Sandbag) weight

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!