Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Warm-up (No Measure)

2-3 rounds of:

– 10 -15 Tuck ups/V Ups

– ME Ring rows – (shoot for 8+)

– Build into thruster/odd object weight for workout

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM for 18 Mins

Min 1 – 5x SA Thrusters (R)/5x SA Thruster (L)

Min 2 – 120′ Odd Object Carry

Min 3 – :20 sec AFAP Burpees to 6″ target
Use KB or DB for thruster, build into a load that can be done unbroken for each set. You will be doing 5x/arm each minute.

60′ down and Back the length of the rig for carry

Score is total number of burpees accomplished in all 6 sets

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!