Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


Hang Snatch

: Snatch

Hang Clean

Clean (12 minute of barbell skill work)

Take 12 minutes to work on the olympic skill of your choice:

Snatch or its hang variation

Clean or its hang variation

*Notes: The group will drill the snatch, but athletes will have the option to do as they desire. Work the full movement to the best of your ability. Its recommended that you are consistent and feel good with a weight before adding or progressing intensity. Only score the option chosen

L1: work the barbell skill and build as many quality reps in the prescribed time frame. Loading isn’t as important as movement quality is

L2: try performing a set every minute, building to a “challenging” set for the day in the 12 minutes


Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

Complete 6 rounds/each with a partner (12 minutes):

20 seconds ME OHS

40 seconds ME AB calories (arms only)

60 seconds of rest
*Notes: The loading selected for this workout needs to be done unbroken for the time allotted. Athletes will set a realistic number for themselves upon their first round and the intent will be to hold that for the remaining portion of the workout. Score is TOTAL reps per round

OHS: choose the option below that you worked on in the primary, but also that will allow you the HIGHEST MOVEMENT QUALITY. The goal is 8+ reps/set. If you are unable to accomplish at least 8 reps with the loading on the bar, you must drop down weight the following set

L1: goblet squat/counterbalanced squat

L2: back squat

L3: front squat


fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!