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A: Goblet Squat (x 6-8 + slow descent)

B: Hollow hold (x 30 seconds (accumulated if necessary))

Take 12-15 minutes to cycle through these strength components:

A. Goblet squat x 6-8 + slow descent

Rest 30-45 seconds

B. Hollow hold x 30 seconds (accumulated if necessary)

Rest 30-45 seconds

C. Chin-up negatives x 3-5 (slow as possible but do not exceed 10 seconds)

Rest 30-45 seconds

*Notes: rest only the prescribed amount of rest before moving on. Start super easy so that you can set the expectation for tempo and movement quality, then build on that only and if you are capable of.

Hollow hold:

Level 1: Bent knee

Level 2: Legs extended (hands by side)

Level 3: Hollow

Chin-up negative: Rest only as much time as it takes you to step on a box or jump your chin right above the bar. No swinging!

Level 1: Rack assist

Level 2: Box assist

Level 3: Light band assist (blue or less)

Level 4: Unassisted


Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM for 15:

Minute 1: AB cals x 15/10

Minute 2: Single arm front rack hold x 20 seconds/side (55+/35+)

Minute 3: 8-10 DB thrusters (35/25)
*Notes: Do not work past 40 seconds on any of these movements, especially in the beginning portion of this workout. Choosing weight for this workout should allow you not to tilt or break on the front rack hold, nor break on the DB thrusters. The DB thrusters should be done unbroken whether 8 or 10 reps.

Accessory Work


Work on a skill movement for 5-10 minutes

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!