Tuesday 01/17/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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3 rounds or 8-10 minutes, whichever comes first:

A. HSPU progression x 2-3 reps

B. Front squats x 2-3 reps (from the ground)

C. Push-up plank + lateral pillar/side + glute bridge x 15 seconds/movement

*Notes: this is simply to work on the skill and build into your working load for the workout


Metcon (Time)



2x Front squats (115/75)

3x Double unders
*Notes: Pretty straight forward rep scheme. Perform 10 HSPU at your progression then do 2x that for front squats and then 3x that for double unders. Do this following each set of HSPU. For example, 8 HSPU would be 16 front squats and 24 double unders following that. If you have to break up your first set of 10 HSPU at the progression you’re at, it is too difficult for the intensity necessary for this workout.

HSPU: you must be able to complete 10 reps of the progression to advance to the next.

Level 1: Pike HSPU (ground)

Level 2: Pike HSPU (knees on box)

Level 3: Pike HSPU (toes on box)

Level 4: HSPU (wall)

Double unders: do equal amount of single unders as for double unders

Accessory Work

Work on a weakness for 5-10

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