Tuesday 01/24/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Gymnastics strength:

3 sets (no more than 9-10 total minutes of work)

40 seconds ME deck squats

20 seconds rest

40 seconds ME handstand hold

20 seconds rest

40 seconds ME hollow hold

20 seconds rest


Deck squats: You must be able to accomplish 10 unbroken reps, no mess ups to advance onto the next progression

Lev 1: elevated surface

Lev 2: candle stick

Lev 3: pistol squat (alternating)

Handstand hold: you can utilize a wall walk/box/handstand progression here

Advanced: try bringing the toes off the wall for free-standing, work on finger pressure

Hollow hold:

Lev 1: Bent knee

Lev 2: legs extended

Lev 3: hollow


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Grab your partner and complete the following, switching off with a high five…

Ever 2 minutes for 16 minutes, complete:

Minute 1-2: Behemoth lap

Minute 3-4: ME DB burpee box step overs (35/25)
Notes: Run the lap at an uncomfortable but not UN-SUSTAINABLE pace and try and get it under 2 minutes, rest the remaining portion of the 2 minutes. On the DB burpee box step overs, this is just grit work. You are working at a CONSITENT pace, think CONSISTENT movement throughout the 2 minutes. Try and keep your run intervals the same and your # of DB burpee box step overs the same as well.

DB burpee box step-overs:

Advanced: (50-55/30-35)

Accessory Work


Work on a skill for 5-10 minutes

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