Tuesday 02/28/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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DB Z Press (x 5-6)

3-4 sets or 12 minutes, whichever comes first:

A. Deck squats x 8-10

Rest 30-45 seconds

B. Seated DB presses x 5-6

Rest 30-45 seconds

C. Tuck-up/V-up x 10-15 reps

Rest 30-45 seconds


Deck squats:

Level 1: Hips elevated on mat

Level 2: ground

Level 3: rolling candle sticks

Level 4: alternating pistol squats

*BB progression following*


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Climb the ladder in 12 minutes

S2OH (135/95)

Box jumps (30/24)
*Notes: At minutes 4 and 8, stop where you are at and run a behemoth lap. Stick with whatever you feel most comfortable for the S2OH. Weight should feel like a 3/10. If you care to make this workout better than it currently is, use an axel bar 🙂

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