Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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-Crossover symmetry (before class)

-Skill warm-up: Behemoth Clean Progression


A. Power cleans x 3

B. Hamstring work x 8-10

C. Glute walks x 10 fwd/back AND 10 lateral


Power cleans: just building to working load.

Hamstring work:

Level 1: Hamstring curls (slow negative) x 5

Level 2: Hamstring curls (slow negative) x 5 AND Natural GHR x 5

Power Clean (x 6)

5 sets:

6 touch and go power cleans

100 foot shuttle sprint

Rest :30

6 lateral burpees over the bar

100 foot shuttle sprint

Rest :60

*Notes: the goal is to do these repetitions FAST and unbroken, without hesitation in transition and without taking your hands off the bar.

Power cleans: weights can increase throughout the workout if desired but hands can’t come off the bar for all 6 reps.

Level 1: weights should feel like 4-6 out of 10

Level 2: 135+/95+

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!