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Gymnastic skill and strength (No Measure)

Spend 8 minutes to get in as many QUALITY sets as possible, resting where needed to allow for proficiency at each movement:

:20 handstand hold

Rest as needed

:20 hollow hold

Rest as needed

*Notes: Your handstand progression should be very similar to your HSPU progression

Handstand hold: Choose an option that will allow you proficiency

Level 1: Knees on a box

Level 2: Toes on a box

Level 3: Wall walk

Level 4: Kick-up

Level 5: Freestanding on the wall

Hollow hold: Focus on breathing through tension here and choose an option that is going to challenge you yet allow you solid mechanics. Only thing that should be touching is the small of your back to the ground!

Level 1: Bent knee

Level 2: Straddle

Level 3: Hollow


Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM for 21 (7 sets of everything):

Minute 1: AB calories x 10-12/6-8

Minute 2: 3 DB man makers (minus squat)

Minute 3: Keg carry x 50m (redline and back) 100+/75+
*Notes: accomplish the work within the minute, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sprint to do it. Understand that in the initial portion of this workout it will greatly benefit you to accomplish the work as quick as you can and rest the remaining portion of the minute. As the workout winds down, that is less important than simply accomplishing the work in the time frame because you now have less sets left. Neither of these movements should take you longer than AT MOST 30 seconds to accomplish the work necessary and this is on the later end of the workout. Strive for well below that starting out.

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!