Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Rear elevated split squats (x 6-8/leg @ 30X1)

Spend 15 minutes cycling through the following structural strength components:

A. Rear foot elevated split squats x 6-8/leg @ 30X1

Rest as needed

B. Chin-up work (see options below)

Rest as needed

C. Hollow rocks x ME (do not exceed 30 seconds of work)

Ret as needed

*Notes: Start light then build throughout, only letting your ability to stick to the tempo dictate your loading. If you can do your first set without any stumbles or falls, loading can be added.

Split squats: foot doesn’t need to be elevated on anything higher than about a 45lb bumper

Level 1: unloaded

Level 2: loaded

Chin-up work

Level 1: Bar hang x ME (shoot for :60)

Level 2: Chin above bar hang x ME (shoot for :60)

Level 3: Negatives x 2-3 @ slow as possible (shoot for 10 second negatives)

Hollow rocks: if hollow holds are difficult for you, stay there

Level 1: Bent knee

Level 2: Straddle

Level 3: Hollow


Metcon (Time)

Work with a partner to accomplish 12 rounds:

5 DB hang squat clean thrusters (50/30)

7 box jumps (24/20)

60m shuttle run OR 20 double unders/single unders
*Notes: partner 1 will complete the DB hang squat clean thrusters, partner 2 will complete the box jumps and then partner 1 will complete the shuttle run/jump rope. That is 1 round, continue this method for 10 total rounds. Use intensities (weight/height of box) that will allow you to work quickly and rest quickly performing unbroken reps.

Shuttle run: touch the opposite building and back

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!