Tuesday 06/13/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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2-3 sets to build into workout weight:

A. Kipping pull-up progression

B. Touch and go power cleans x 2-3 reps

C. Burpees x 1-2

*Notes: Use this time to build into your workout weight and take on the EXACT speed of your movement and transitions that you will accomplish within the workout

Jude (Time)


6 rounds for time:

6 power cleans (135/95)

6 pull-ups

6 burpees
*Notes: This workout comes from our #BIRTHFIT family and friends. People around the globe today are performing this workout in honor of a close friend and collegues loss of their son Jude. Through shared suffrage along with the strength and bond of our Behemoth community and the athletes within your group class, we all can pull together to pay our respects. Thank you to those that CHOOSE to show up today and honor dear Jude!

Pull-ups: There is some freedom within this movement. If you have yet to accomplish the minimum strict pull-ups to kip (5/3), it will benefit you to work on a strict pull-up progression that will allow you to accomplish the 36 total pull-ups with highest movement qua

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