Tuesday 06/20/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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A: “Behemoth Mile” (Time)

4 Behemoth laps
For time (10 minute cap):

Behemoth mile

Immediately at 10 minutes, alternate sets for 10 minutes with a partner…

B: Metcon (No Measure)

120 foot HEAVY farmer’s carry

Immediately into…

Ring rows x ME

Immediately into…

Push-ups x ring row # from above
*Notes: This should be an uncomfortable run, not a leisure jog. Have a sense of urgency and push the pace today and set a new personal record if its there. If it’s not, give it your best effort and be satisfied with your 100%!

Farmer’s carry: use as heavy DBs or KBs necessary that will allow you unbroken 120 feet.

Push-ups: if you do 15 ring rows, we want 15 of your HIGHEST QUALITY push-ups

Level 1: Elevated push-up

Level 2: Regular push-ups

Level 3: Ring push-ups (if feet are elevated for ring rows, most likely this can/will be a good option. Turn the thumbs outward at the top of the movement)

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