Tuesday 07/18/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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KB skill work


Metcon (Weight)

Perform 6 sets total (3 sets/arm):

Every 90 seconds to 2 minutes, complete 1 set of the KB complex:

10 one-arm KBS

10 single arm KB racked walking lunges

10 single arm KB push press
*Notes: You will perform all 30 reps on the same arm before switching the the opposite arm for the next set. Choose a loading that will allow you to perform all 30 repetitions in a row if possible. It is ok to increase difficulty/intensity as you go through this workout IF you are able to stay unbroken on the reps and stay within the time frame

Immediately at the 12 minute mark, perform…

100 DU for time (Time)

100 double unders for time
For time:

100 double unders or 2 minutes of ME double unders/jumping rope skill work

*Notes: if you attain 100 double unders before the 2 minutes, that will be your score for the day. Otherwise use this as 2 minutes of skill work to work on the skill of jumping rope

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