Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

Perform the following with a partner:

A. AMRAP in 4:

ME burpee box jumps (20)

Rest 1 minute

B. AMRAP in 4:

ME sandbag cleans

Rest 1 minute

C. AMRAP in 4:

ME sandbag squats

Rest 1 minute

*Notes: Your options in breaking up reps are either 5’s, 3’s, or 1’s, no others and once you choose a rep scheme for that movement, you have to stay with it until moving onto the next 4 minute station. Score will be total reps on each of the A-C components.

Burpee box jumps: use a box you can jump to if possible, if jumping gives you physical ailments, then stepping will be fine

Sandbag work:

Level 1: 60/40

Level 2: 80/60

Level 3: 100/80

Level 4: 120/100

Metcon (Time)

D. Accomplish for time:

Behemoth lap junk carry w/ sandbag and box

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!