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Power clean + squat clean (12 minute of barbell skill work)

Spend for 12 minutes working on the barbell skill of:

Power clean + squat clean

*Notes: the + signifies no more than 10 seconds rest in between positions. Either spend 12 minutes working on this barbell skill getting in as many QUALITY repetitions as possible where loading isn’t as important as quality of mechanics are OR build over the course of the 12 minutes to a tough complex for the day

L1: Muscle clean x 2

L2: Power clean x 2

L3: As prescribed

Rest 3 minutes then perform, perform…


Metcon (No Measure)

4 sets:

:20 ME hang power cleans

:20 ME front squats

:20 ME front rack hold

:60 rest
*Notes: for this workout use the first load that was put onto your barbell from above. Weight should feel like a 1-2/10 scale. The intent is to have an appropriate weight on the bar to allow you to work sufficiently and only rest where the rest is prescribed.

Hang power clean:

L1: hang muscle clean

Front squats:

L1: Air squats

L2: Goblet squats

L3: As prescribed

Front rack hold: if you are able to get the barbell into a sufficient front rack position, then hold it there, otherwise use a KB

L1: Goblet hold

Accessory Work

Accumulate 30 ring rows in as little sets as possible

*Notes: Make these as difficult as ability will allow, but shoot for 6-10 reps at a time

L1: ring rows (traditional)

L2: false-grip ring rows

L3: false-grip ring rows (feet elevated)

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!