Tuesday 09/19/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Lunges (x 12-14)

Structural strength:

EMOM for 15:

Minute 1: Weighted lunges x 12-14 steps (6-7/leg)

Minute 2: Single arm DB push press x 6-8/arm

Minute 3: Landmine rotations x 10-16 (5-8/side)

*Notes: Do not work past about 30-40 seconds on any movement. This is strength work, however you will get a metabolic response because of the condensed rest. Approach this with the intent to challenge yourself with loading based on the rep scheme provided, however quality mechanics are always priority.

Weighted lunges:

L1: walking lunges (unloaded)

L2: bulgarian bag

L3: sandbag

Single arm DB push press (x 6-8/arm)

Landmine Rotations (x 10-16)

Landmine rotations:

L1: empty barbell

L2: added weight (no more than 25lb plate is necessary)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

6 minute clock:

500m row

Behemoth lap

ME KBS (55/35)
*Notes: Goal is to get to the KBS and it will be difficult to do so if you take a relaxed approach on the rower AND run. Not a max effort by any means but certainly a sense of urgency on this. Think about an 80-90% effort.


L1: below prescribed

L2: 70/45

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