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Handstand Push-ups (x ME)

Cycle through the following for 15 minutes:


Rest 45-60 seconds

Goblet squats x 6-8 @ 31X1

Rest 45-60 seconds

Lateral arch-ups x 8-10/side

Rest 45-60 seconds

*Notes: start at a comfortable progression/loading for your ability level and build throughout the course of the time. Goal is to get as many QUALITY touches as possible on these movements.

HSPU: Find a progression that will allow for at least 5-6 reps. If you accomplish 10 reps at any of the following progressions, you can advance onto the next level

L1: DB press

L2: Down dog HSPU

L3: Pike HSPU (knees flexed)

L4: Pike HSPU (knees extended)

L5: HSPU (wall)

*Reduced height if needed

Goblet Squat (x 6-8 @ 31X1)

Goblet squats: 3 seconds on the way down, 1 second in the bottom, stand agressively, 1 second at the top to re-set breath and brace

L2: Sandbag (if you exceed an 88lb KB)

Lateral arch-ups: You can decrease the difficulty of this movement by going down to your elbow and also placing the top foot on the ground in front of the bottom foot.


Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM for 12:

Minute 1: 10 KBS + 5 box jumps

Minute 2: 5 box jumps + 10 KBS
*Notes: Do not work past the 30-40 second mark on any minute. Goal is to choose a KB and a box height that is slightly more challenging than what you are used to SO LONG you are confident in your ability to move well under intensity with them. If at any time you fall off pace of the EMOM, rest the following minute and pick back up on the minute following the rest.


L1: 35/25

L2: 55/35

L3: 70/45

Box jumps:

L1: <20
L2: 24

L3: 30

Accessory Work


Strict pull-ups

Strict pushing work

*Notes: accomplish 5 reps of each down to 1 rep of each at the hardest possible option you can. Remember, it is ok to exhaust your ability at the hardest possible progression but do not be afraid to scale back to maintain movement integrity. You will not improve with poor movement mechanics or shortened range of motion as greatly as you would if you simply take a step back and do the opposite.

Pull-up work: this is a good opportunity to get some work where you need it based on your strength levels

(L1) No pull-ups: Assisted + pause at top/middle/bottom of rep x ME

(L2) A few pull-ups: unassisted x ME

(L3) 5 pull-ups: unassisted

(L3) Double digit pull-ups: weighted OR strict muscle-ups

Pushing work: this is a good opportunity to get some work where you need it based on your strength levels

No push-ups from the ground OR single digit push-ups from the ground: push-up progression

Some push-ups from the ground (at least 10): bar dips

A lot of push-ups from the ground (11+): ring dips

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!