Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class


Sandbag carry (120 feet) (x 120 feet)

Structural strength:

Take 12 minutes to accomplish about 4-6 sets of the following:

Chin above bar hang x 20 + slow negative (shoot for 10 seconds)

Sandbag carry x 120 feet

Rest 60-75 seconds

*Notes: Try to build each set to a more challenging sandbag. If you can not increase sandbag anymore, then stay at that sandbag and accomplish the remaining portion of the time there.

Chin above bar hang + slow negative: choose an option that will allow you to work as close to a 10 second negative as possible. If you are under 5 seconds on your negative, digress back one level

L1: Rack assisted

L2: Box assisted

L3: Light band assisted (red or less)

L4: Unassisted

L5: Weighted


Metcon (Distance)

Perform the following with a partner:

12 minute clock for max distance on the bike:

Partner 1: Assault bike x max distance (in miles)

Partner 2: 25 KBS + 50 double unders
*Notes: Once partner 2 completes their 25 kbs and 50 double unders, partners then switch and continue with the workout for the allotted amount of time.

Assault bike: treat this effort like you will be on the bike for a LONGER time rather than a SHORTER time. Find a sustainable RPM to hold your pace at

KBS: choose a KB you can swing for all 25 reps each time

L1: 45>

L2: 55

L3: 70

Double unders:

L1: 100 single unders

L2: 25 double unders (no more than 60 seconds of work)

L3: 50 double unders

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!