Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class


DB Push Press (x 6-8)

EMOM for 15:

Minute 1: DB push press x 6-8

Minute 2: Sandbag squats x 8-10

Minute 3: Tuck-ups x 10-15

*Notes: Start at a moderate load based on comfort with the loading and the movements. No one should be working past 30-35 seconds on any minute. This is strength work, however there will be a minor metabolic response based on the condensed rest. Work as challenging as your ability and mechanics will allow. You get out what you put in!

DB push press: athletes will use two dumbells.

Sandbag squat (x 8-10)

Sandbag squats:

L1: Goblet or medball

L2: Sandbag

Tuck ups:

L2: V-ups (if midline strength and hamstring flexibility allow)


Metcon (Time)

W/ a partner, accomplish (10 minute cap):

125/100 AB calories

Partner 1: AB calories

Partner 2: Holds the top of a deadlift (275/185)
*Notes: Male pairs will do 125, co-ed and female pairs will do 100. Partners can only work while the barbell is off the ground. Switch when desired or when/if the barbell is dropped. Deadlift weight should feel like a 4-5/10. Weight shouldn’t take you more than 3 efforts to get there, find a weight that will allow around a 30 second hold

Deadlift hold:

L1: mixed grip

L2: double overhand (pronated)

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!