Tuesday 10/18/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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A: DB Push Press (x 8-10)

Cycle through the strength components for 20 minutes:

A. DB push press AHAP x 8-10

Rest 45 seconds

B. Sandbag carry x 120 feet

Rest 45 seconds

C. Ab wheel roll-outs x 8-10

Rest 45 seconds


DB push press:

Sandbag carry: hug the sandbag to the upper chest

B: Sandbag carry (120 feet) (x 120 feet)


Metcon (Time)

W/ a partner, perform…

100/75 calories on the assault bike

Partner 1: Assault bike calories

Partner 2: Holds the top of a double overhand deadlift (225/135)
*Notes: Partners can only work while the barbell is off the ground. Deadlift weight should feel like a 4-5/10. Score is total time

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