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Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class


Pistol squat play and progressions


Chin-ups (x ME )

Supinated grip (palms facing you)
Cycling through the following for 15 minutes (3+ sets):

A. Strict chin-ups x ME + pause at top of rep, middle, bottom

B. Pistol squats x 10 (5/leg)

C. Hollow hold x 30-60 seconds


Strict chin-ups: choose a progression that will allow you a minimum of 5+ reps INCLUDING the tempo

L1: Rack assisted

L2: Box assisted

L3: Light band assisted (blue or less)

L4: Unassisted

Pistol squats:

L1: Reverse lunge

L2: Skier squat

L3: Pistol squat (to med ball or lower)

L4: Pistol squat (full ROM)

Hollow hold: If you can hold the position for a minimum of 60 seconds, then you have earned advancement to the next progression

L1: Bent knee

L2: Straddle

L3: Hollow

Pistols (x 10)

Hollow hold (x 30-60)


31 DB man makers (Time)

For time (10 minute cap):

31 DB man makers
*Notes: everytime you stop to rest, you must complete a 60m shuttle run first before beginning again. The dumbells used should be light enough to reach 31 reps. If you reach 31 reps before the 10 minutes is up, your score will be your time of completion. Happy Halloween 🙂

DB man makers: We should be choosing a DB load that will allow for the most minimal breaks possible.

L1: Box assisted man makers (go from your push-up progression)

L2: 25/15

L3: 30/20

L4: 35/25

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!