Tuesday 11/08/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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A: Turkish Get Up (x 1-2/arm)

Cycle through the strength components for 20 minutes:

TGU x 1-2/arm

Rest 45-60 seconds

DB box step-ups (unilaterally load with 1 dumbell) x 10-12 steps

Rest 45-60 seconds

Hollow hold x 30-45 seconds

Rest 45-60


TGU: depending on ability level, athletes can use a variety of options here including KBs, DBs, Med balls or even sandbags

B: Weighted Step-ups (x 10-12 steps)

DB box step-ups: make sure thigh is parralel to the ground and MOST of the emphasis is driving through the leg on the box

C: Hollow hold (x 30-45 seconds)

Hollow hold: choose an option you can hold for the time listed


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

8 rounds:

:15 Burpee sprint AFAP (as fast as possible)

:15 TOUGH Russian KBS (70/55)

Rest 30 seconds
*Notes: set a # on your first set and accomplish that each round. Move as fast as humanly possible, WHILE still maintaining good movement mechanics within the 15 seconds. Choose a weight that will challenge you, yet allow you to move quickly.

Level 2: 5-7 burpees + 10 KBS (something to shoot for)

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