Tuesday 12/13/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Gymnastics strength and skill:

EMOM for 10:

Minute 1: 2-3 strict muscle-ups + table top rocks x 5

Minute 2: 30-40 double unders

*Notes: do not take any more that about 30-40 seconds on either of these components

Double unders:

Level 1: 30 seconds double under skill work OR consecutive single unders for that time


Metcon (No Measure)


W/ a partner, perform:

3 sets:

:20 ME WBS

:40 ME AB calories

Rest :60

:20 ME AB calories

:40 ME WBS

Rest :60
*Notes: pretty straight forward, goal is to work the entirety of the time and rest when needed. Set a # for your first set on each movement and try and hold that # all the way through the 3 sets.

Accessory Work

Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (x 4-6)

3 sets:

A. Strict C2B pull-ups x 4-6

B. Dips x 6-8

*Notes: Make these sets as challenging as possible. You have multiple options here but this is to increase strength for muscle up work. The stronger our dipping and pulling strength is the easier this movement will become.

Pull-ups: Pull until the chest (below the clavicle and above the nipples) reaches contact to the bar

Level 1: rack assist

Level 2: box assist

Level 3: light band assist (blue or less)

Level 4: unassisted

Level 5: weighted

Dips (x 6-8)

Dips: You need at least 10 reps of each to advance to the following level

Level 1: push-ups

Level 2: bar dips

Level 3: ring dips

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