Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


3 sets (10-12 minutes):

A. Single arm KB complex (see below)

B. Power clean x 2-3 + front squat x 2-3 + S2OH x 2-3

*Notes: read the notes below to have a good idea of how to approach the above

KB complex: 5 press + 5 stationary lunges + 60 foot carry. Complete all reps on one side before switching to the other side on the way back. Try not to put the KB down for the entirety of the complex

L2: press + OH stationary lunges + OH carry

Power clean + front squat: use this time to build into your workout weight. You will need no more than 3 sets to get there and the loading for the workout should feel like a 4/10 scale

L2: 155/105


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

L1: EMOM for 8:

Minute 1: 4 muscle/power cleans + 4 goblet squats

Minute 2: 4 muscle/power cleans + 4 push press

L2: EMOM for 8:

Minute 1: 4 power cleans + 4 front squats

Minute 2: 4 power cleans + 4 S2OH

L3: EMOM for 8:

Minute 1: 4 power cleans + 4 front squats @ 135-155/95-105

Minute 2: 4 power cleans + 4 S2OH

Immediately at 8…

AMRAP in 2:

*Notes: the power cleans should be slightly more challenging than usual and should be done in singles but PROBABLY light enough to be done touch and go if desired. Loading will be dictated by your S2OH ability. Weight should feel around a 4/10 scale. Score today will be total reps for G2OH

G2OH: everyone will use a power clean + S2OH today.

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!