Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


2 sets:

Lying glute activation (bardia) x 5/side

Empty BB RDL x 5

Dead bugs x 5/side

Side pillar hold x 20-30 seconds/side


Side pillar hold: dropping the top leg in front and on the ground in this hold will reduce the difficulty of this movement

L1: Elbow

L2: Palm


Deadlift (x 1-3)

Take 20 minutes to cycle through the following components:

A. Deadlifts x 1-3

Once at a 5-7/10 scale of difficulty, add in the following:

B. Handstand hold x 30-60 seconds

*Notes: Start light and build your way through the 20 minutes to a handful of challenging yet quality sets. If you are in tune with your body and are feeling good, build to a heavy single for today. Otherwise, stay around the 3-rep range and work to some tough sets for the day.

Deadlift: these can be touch and go reps or singles. Choose an option that is going to allow you the highest quality of movement regardless of intensity

L1: RDL/elevated barbell

handstand hold (x ME quality set)

Handstand hold: If you can hold a level for 60 seconds then advance to a harder option.

L1: Downdog HS hold

L2: Pike HS hold (knees on box)

L3: Pike HS hold (knees extended)

L4: Wall walk (nose to wall)

L5: Handstand (back to wall)

L6: Freestanding HS hold


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 9:

10 push-ups

30 double unders
*Notes: At the start of the workout and every 3 minutes, stop where you are at to run 200m before continuing. For this workout, keep your equipment close, do not look at the clock and just work at an uncomfortable yet smooth pace throughout the time prescribed.

Push-ups: for todays workout, choose the option you could perform 30 consecutive reps from. Have a back-up plan in play and don’t be afraid to use it!

L1: box assisted push-ups

L2: ground

Double unders:

L1: 60 single unders

L2: 15 double unders

L3: unbroken as recommended

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!