Wednesday 01/11/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Cycle through for 2 sets or 6-8 minutes of work:

A. Hamstring curls x 6-8

B. Cossack slides x 6-8 (3-4 side)

C. Pollof presses x 6-8/side


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 18:

20 wall ball shots (heavier the better here)

20 BB front rack reverse lunges (45/35)

50m keg carry

20 lateral burpees over the bar

Rest 2 minutes
*Notes: For this workout, athletes will start behind the rig and perform their WBS, they will then move towards the bay doors and perform their plate work, eventually moving their way back to the wall ball shots. Goal of the workout is to complete the work.

Accessory Work


Work on a mobility movement for 5-10 minutes

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