Wednesday 01/25/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

Complete the following with your partner:

Station 1:

AMRAP in 5:

10/7 AB calories

*Remember: you have 5 minutes here, don’t blow out the first set :)*

Rest 60 seconds

Station 2:

AMRAP in 5:

10 WBS

*Try not to let the ball hit the ground!*

Rest 60 seconds

Station 3:

AMRAP in 5:

Sled push (sled + 90/45) x 25m

Keg carry (100/75) x 25m

*Weight doesn’t have to be perfect, just do work. Push the sled down and carry the keg back. Partner will then carry the keg down and push the sled back*

Rest 60 seconds

Station 4:

AMRAP in 5:

10 thrusters (64/45)

*Weight should feel like a 1-2/10*

Rest 60 seconds
*Notes: Complete in a merry go round fashion (you go, I go). Strategize with your partner how to accomplish the most work on each one of the components. Start with no more than 3 teams at each station. Score will be total reps/ station

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