Wednesday 02/22/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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A. 20 minutes of rowing practice (continued)

-Foot position and exiting the foot straps

-Understanding the stroke: catch, drive, finish, recovery

The catch + the drive

The finish + the recovery

The full stroke

B. Take 6-8 minutes to cycle through 2-3 sets in preparation for the workout:

1-2 snatch progression

3-5 T2B progression

10-15 double under progression


Snatch (x 3)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

6 sets:

90 second clock:

3 squat snatch

9 T2B

ME double unders

45-60 seconds rest
*Notes: Score is double unders. If you are increasing the difficulty of the squat snatches, rest closer to 60 seconds, if not, 45 should do

Squat snatch: top end starting loads is 135/95. Reps should be drop and go singles

Level 1: power snatch + OHS

Level 2: Build weight throughout the 5 sets

Double unders: Accumulate as many quality reps as possible

Level 1: singles unders

Level 2: double under skill work

Level 3: double unders

Accessory Work

2 sets:

Hamstring curls x 8-10

Natural GHR x 8-10

Cossack slides x 8-10

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