Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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-Crossover symmetry (before class)

-Skill warm-up: Progressing the Split Jerk (week 6)

1. 5 minutes of review of rules:

-Front knee stacked over ankle

-Back knee soft

-Back heel up

-Weight stacked over joints

-Agressive lockout overhead

2. Partners mark feet and perform 1x through:

Jump to land x 5

BTN split jerk x 5

Front squat + jerk x 5

Front squat + jerk (x 1-3 reps)

15:00 of skill play

(Front squat + jerk) x 1-3 reps

*This is skill work, if jerk mechanics allow for weight to be added, then you may do so, but let jerk footwork dictate loading. Work with a partner and alternate between 1-3 reps of the above.

Metcon (Time)


30 wall ball shots 20/14

20 box jumps 24/20

10 Alt DB clean and press 50+/30+

60m waiter’s walk

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!