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Hang snatch + snatch (x 1+1)

Every 60-75 seconds for 12 minutes, complete the following barbell complex:

Hang squat snatch + squat snatch

*Notes: start very light and let your mechanics dictate your loading. Understand that all abilities can participate in the “squat snatch” so long they understand where thereend ROM is. Do not force your body into a position it is not yet ready to go to!

Level 1: Use the 12 minutes to work on the barbell skill, let mechanics dictate loading

Level 2: Build to a tough rep in the time frame, trying to stick to the 60-75 second time frame as best as possible


“Baseline” (Time)

For time:

500m row

40 air squats

30 ab-mat sit-ups

20 push-ups

10 pull-ups
*Notes: move as efficiently through the following components. Men shoot for 5-6 minutes or lower, ladies shoot for 7-8 minutes or lower

Pull-ups: any pull-ups are allowed so long you have EARNED the ability to perform them

Accessory Work

Sandbag carry (120 feet) (x 120 feet)

This work is MANDATORY!

Alternate 3-4 sets with a partner:

Sandbag carry x 120 feet

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!