Wednesday 06/29/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Foam Roll (No Measure)

5 minute foam rolling circuit

Crossover Symmetry (No Measure)

Hit this before the class starts if possible!


Back Squat (4 x 4)

4 sets:

A. Back squat x 4

B. Reverse sled drag x (building and back)

*Notes: use the warm-up progression of 5/4/3/2/1 to get to your first working set of 4. Work as heavy as quality mechanics will allow. Working sets should be in the range of 7-9/10 difficulty scale. Once you begin your back squat working sets, super set it with the sled drags


A: Pull-ups (x ME)

2-3 sets:

Strict pull-ups x ME

Rest :60

Bar dips x ME

Rest :60

Plate pinch grip x ME

Rest :60

*Notes: perform a max effort set based on where your progression best suits you. Rest only 60 seconds in between each movement and set. This may deter you on the following sets. Be prepared for muscular fatigue and drop off. Modify where needed to accomplish a GOOD set each time.


Level 1: ring rows

Level 2: box assist

Level 3: band assist (no higher than red)

Level 4: unassisted

Plate pinch grip:

Level 1: 10-25lb plate

Level 2: 2-10s or 2-15s together

B: Dips (x ME)

Bar dips: 10 push-ups from the ground are required to perform bar dips

Level 1: push-ups

Level 2: band assist (should be minimum based off strength requirements)

Level 3: bar dips

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