Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Gymnastic skill work:

10 minutes or 4-5 sets NFTFQ (not for time, for quality):

A. Strict muscle-up practice

B. Hollow hold x 30 seconds

Rest as needed

*Notes: Strive for quality movement and the most aesthetically pleasing reps possible. This is not a “conditioning” session, but rather skill and strength work.

Strict muscle-up:

L1: False grip ring row x 6-8

*Make these as difficult as the rep scheme allows by walking the feet forward

L2: Kneeling muscle-up x 2-3

*Make these more difficult by increasing the utilization of the upper body

L3: Banded muscle-up x 2-3 (blue/red/purple)

L4: L-hang muscle-up x 2-3

L5: Strict muscle-up x 2-3

Hollow holds: Focus on your breath and choose an option that will allow you to spend ALL 30 seconds in a good position

L1: Bent knee hold

L2: Straddle hold

L3: Hollow hold


Metcon (Time)

3x (7 minute cap):

25 WBS

8 burpee box jumps
*Notes: The intent behind this workout is to move fast and unbroken. Choose options that will allow you to do so


L1: wall ball thruster

L2: WBS (wall)

*Must be able to do 10 repetitions with a 20/14 to the 10/9 foot line on the wall to move to a target

L3: WBS (target)

Burpee box jump: choose a height that is going to allow you to move swiftly through the repetitions

L1: Burpees from push-up progression

*Recommended you have 10/7 push-ups from the ground to move to L2

L2: Burpees from the ground

L3: Burpee box jumps

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!