Wednesday 09/20/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Metcon (No Measure)

5 sets:

Assault bike x 60 seconds

Rest 60 seconds

Sandbag cleans x 60 seconds

Rest 60 seconds

Jump rope x 60 seconds

Rest 60 seconds
*Notes: Do not look at this workout as a 60 second effort but rather a 20-30 minute workout. Intensity on each minute should be mildly uncomfortable but sustainable for the duration of the workout. The mind will go before the body does, remember that, so stay resilient up top! Goal is to sustain the same RPM and # of reps each minute.

Assault bike: the goal is to pick a mildly uncomfortable RPM and stick to it from second 1 to 60! Fall into a category below

L1: 40-50 RPM

L2: 50-60 RPM

L3: 60-70 RPM

Sandbag cleans:

L1: Med ball

L2: 60-80

L3: 100-120

Jumping rope:

L1: single unders

L2: double under skill work

L3: double unders

Accessory Work

5 minutes of box breathing

*Notes: neutralize your back to the ground by either elevating your legs onto a box or bending your knees up with your feet flat to the ground. Breathe through your nose only, making sure to fill your diaphragm as you do. Close your eyes and allow your body to down regulate back into your parasympathetic. 4 seconds in, 4 second hold, 4 second exhale, 4 second hold

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