Wednesday 10/21/15

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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(No Measure)

Glute series

KBS (3 sets of 6)

Kettlebell swing
3 sets or 20 minutes:

A. KBS x 6 + 5 max height box jumps

B. Natural GHR x 5 + Partner hamstring curls x 5 + back extensions x 5

C. 30 second plank + Push-ups x 50% of max reps (test) @ 00X0 + 30 second push-up plank

*Push-ups – These will be done back to back to back with the pushups and plank. If one tested at 40 reps, they would do 20 push-ups + 30-45 second plank + max reps (no more than 20)

Metcon (Time)

5x or 7 minutes for max rounds:

Alternating DB snatch x 6

Burpee box jump up and overs x 6
Reps are short, workout is fast. Unbroken is no question. Looking for a tough DB for this workout and a tough height on the box so long that you are able to elevate on it.

Accessory Work

3 sets:

Ring rows x 10-15

*Mix into cool down

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