Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


2 sets:

Lying glute activation (bardia) x 5/side

Empty BB RDL x 5

Dead bugs x 5/side

Side pillar hold x 20-30 seconds/side


Side pillar hold: dropping the top leg in front and on the ground in this hold will reduce the difficulty of this movement

L1: Elbow

L2: Palm


Deadlift (x 2-4)

Cycle through the following strength components for 20 minutes:

A. Deadlifts x 2-4

Once at a 5-7/10 scale of difficulty, add in the following:

B. Lateral arch-ups x 6-8/side

C. Dips x ME + controlled negative + 1 second pause at lock-out

*Notes: Start light and build your way through the time allotted. Goal is to build to a challenging 2-4 reps of the deadlift in 20 minutes. These reps do not need to be touch and go. Only lift the bar once you have created a strong and braced midline, ready to take on the load of the bar. Rest as needed in between movements and sets to increase difficulty of movements/loading for the next set

Deadlit: Choose an option that is going to allow you the highest quality of movement regardless of intensity

L1: RDL/elevated barbell

Lateral arch-ups: begin in the bottom of a “lateral pillar hold” then arch your body upwards as high as possible without losing the line created from your shoulder through your heel. You should feel this on the bottom oblique, closest to the ground. Drop the top leg down and in front of the bottom leg onto the ground to make this movement less challenging

Dips (x ME (see tempo above))

Dips: choose a progression thats best fitting for your pressing ability. Goal is around 10 reps or more

L1: Box assisted push-ups

L2: Push-ups (ground)

*10 push-ups from the ground are required for L3*

L3: Bar dips

*10 bar dips are required for L4*

L4: Ring dips


Sled push (x 60m)

3 sets for loading:

A. Sled shuttle x 60m

B. Sandbag carry x 120 feet

*Notes: Start at what you would believe would be about a 5/10 scale of difficulty then build each set if possible. This is just accessory work, does not need to be for time or for speed.

Sled shuttle: load up a sled and push it consecutively down and back in as close to one fluent push as possible

Sandbag carry (120 feet) (x 120 feet)

Sandbag carry: carry the sandbag as high on the chest as possible. Pace your breath, this will be uncomfortable!

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!