Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


Front Squat (x 2-4)

Cycle through the following strength components for 20 minutes:

A. Front squats x 2-4

Once at a 5-7/10 scale of difficulty, add in the following:

B. Handstand hold x quality effort (goal is 30-60 seconds)

*Notes: Start light and build your way through the time allotted. Goal is to build to a challenging 2-4 reps of the front squat in 20 minutes. Rest as needed in between movements and sets to increase difficulty of movements/loading for the next set but still allow for quality mechanics.

Front squats: There is no pause at the bottom of this movement, however if you feel its addition will be beneficial in enhancing your movement quality, do so! Remember, a strong base leads to a higher pyrmaid…foot position, foot position…foot position!

L1: Goblet squat/counterbalanced squat

L2: Back squat

handstand hold (x quality effort)

Handstand hold: try to hold each level for a minimum of 60 seconds before advancing to the next.

L1: Downdog HS hold

L2: Pike HS hold (knees on box)

L3: Pike HS hold (knees extended)

L4: Wall walk (nose to wall)

L5: Handstand (back to wall)

L6: Freestanding HS hold


“Half Helen” (Time)

3 rounds (8 minute cap):

200m run

11 KBS

6 pull-ups
*Notes: Goal is to move through this with a sense of urgency and heightened intensity in which the pace you choose from the start is the one you hold until the end. Only rest in your transitions but rep schemes are low enough for you to go unbroken, so allow that to guide you to select an appropriate progression to do

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!