Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


Chin-ups (x ME + pause at top, middle and bottom of reps)

Supinated grip (palms facing you)
Take 15 minutes to cycle through the following strength components:

A. Chin-ups x ME + pause at the top, middle and bottom of the repetition

Rest 45-60 seconds

B. Cossack squats x 10 (5/leg)

Rest 45-60 seconds

*Notes: start at something reasonable to where you can focus on your mechanics and quality of movement, eventually building to a few challenging sets towards the end of the time frame

Chin-ups: BLATANTLY pause at the top of the repetition, the middle of the repetition and the bottom (dead hang) of the repetition. Goal is 5+ reps. If you are under at least 5 reps, you may be at TOO DIFFICULT of a progression

L1: rack assisted

L2: box assisted

L3: light band assisted (no thicker than ONE blue)

L4: unassisted

L5: C2B

Cossack squats (x 10 (5/leg))

Cossack squats:

L1: rig assisted

L2: unassisted

*Must be able to perform 1 set with full ROM (hip crease below knee) along with a strong ankle, knee and hip position

L3: weighted w/ KB in the goblet position


Metcon (Calories)

5 sets:

15 seconds ME AB calories

45 seconds rest

15 seconds ME KBS

45 seconds rest

15 seconds ME burpee box jumps

45 seconds rest
*Notes: work very hard at about 90-95% for the 15 seconds and set a benchmark for yourself for the first round through. Hold yourself to that # the remaining portion of the rounds. Be cautious not to go beyond the prescribed intensity above as you will have a hard time sustaining and recovering from the first set. 9/10 not a 10/10!! Score will be highest set of calories on the AB

KBS: pull the KB down when you are at the top of the rep! Use as heavy a KB as you are able to swing effectively

Burpee box jumps: Choose an option you can move FAST on and maintain midline integrity to the best of your ability

L1: Box assisted burpees

L2: Ground burpees

L3: Burpee box jumps (low box)

L4: Burpee box jumps (20″)

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!