Wednesday 12/07/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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3 sets (10-12 minutes)

A. Power clean x 1-2

B. Push press x 1-2

B. Ring rows x 8-10

*Notes: Goal of today is to build into workout weight. We won’t spend more than 10 minutes here, so if you can take more than 3 sets, that is fine, so long you are ready to go immediately at the 10 minute mark)


Push Press (x 2)


EMOM for 14:

Minute 1: 2 power cleans + 20-30 double unders

Minute 2: 2 push press + 12 WBS

*Notes: You will use the same weight on the bar for both. Think of this more as strength work under a high heart rate. Weights need to be challenging, but not too challenging to compromise position, even under fatigue. Try to keep your sets around 30-40 seconds. If you fall outside of this window, especially early on, it will be VERY difficult to sustain throughout the workout. Find a loading and intensity that will allow you to accomplish this. Coaches will not allow you to work outside of 40 seconds, especially early on.

Power Clean (x 2)

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